The Women’s Business School ACCELERATE Program

Award winning 6 Month virtual accelerator program


Are you ready to take your start-up

to the next level?

Learn from some of Australia’s and the world's most successful and influential founders

This award winning program provides you with connection, training, mentoring, advice and access to world-class experts and entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs that have created global brands and are industry leaders

Each month we hold facilitated coaching calls with successful female founders, this is your chance to talk with industry leaders from a range of fields who can help you to grow your business. Having direct access to women like this is one of the most valuable opportunities that being a part of this program offers. 


The ACCELERATE program has been specially created for women wanting to be the future business leaders of Australia

Investing in yourself is the most important investment you can make for your brand

ACCELERATE is a structured 6-month accelerator program, exclusively for female founders.

The mentors are successful world leading entrepreneurs and the curriculum has been specially designed to get the best results for founders ready to scale and expand to new markets.

This tailored program provides facilitated mastermind calls, live webinars, steps on how to scale, practical steps for how to build your personal profile as an expert and proven strategies for growing an established brand.

Investing in yourself and surrounding yourself with supportive people who can help you reach your goals is the greatest gift you can give your company.

ACCELERATE your company, scale up and make your dream business become a reality.


Award-winning 6 Month accelerator

Accelerate Program Modules

An award-winning virtual accelerator designed with the needs of busy women in mind.

Fortnightly live calls and webinars, an online hub open 24-7 allow you to learn anywhere, anytime.

You’ll also receive a monthly challenge task along with a printable workbook to download and complete.

One of the most important parts of this program is equipping our participants with the tools to support their dreams and the self-belief to know they can be anything they want. The program provides a safe and supportive yet challenging environment to guide you through stepping out of your comfort zone and into your power.

It takes knowledge, understanding and action to implement powerful marketing campaigns, analyse your financial information, think strategically and create innovative ideas and this program helps you to achieve this.

This program also features a Demo Day, an opportunity for Accelerate founders to pitch their brand to an audience of 350 invited guests and potential investors. This very special event happens in Melbourne on 4 Sept 2019


Purpose & passion  #wbs021

We’ve noticed a trend lately among female founders. They have a vision to do more than just make a profit or be their own boss. It’s a deep sense of purpose. In this module we dive deeper into the concepts of purpose and vision and how to create a business model that works with these elements to produce something truly exceptional.


Building your tribe #wbs024

Marketing has changed so much in the last decade. In the old days marketing was about using the psychology of fear and scarcity to try to make people buy things. Now it’s all about honesty, authenticity and genuine connection. Business is no longer about building a large faceless empire but about building a loyal, engaged and connected tribe.


Becoming an expert #wbs022

Recognised experts are able to leverage PR opportunities, speak at events, write books, give interviews, provide commentary and are someone people look to for advice and inspiration. In this module we look at how to become an expert and the strategies and techniques that will help you to achieve this.


Producing profit #wbs025

Many businesses fail to make it to the next stage because they don’t have the funds to grow, misunderstand the relationship between pricing and profit or aren’t sure which questions to be asking their accountant. Whether you’re looking to hire more staff, open an office, expand internationally or increase your profits in this module you’ll learn how to truly understand your numbers and how to increase profits and secure investment.


Systems & Scaling #wbs023

A scalable company has the potential to grow and expand far beyond where it is now. Creating systems and processes for staff to follow allows a brand to run independently and to produce products and services which can be created over and over again in a reliable, consistent and repeatable way.


The art of pivoting #wbs026

When things go wrong your ability to find a solution can be the difference between success and failure. There’s always a creative possibility and those who know how to stay calm, stay positive and find the winning solution are the ones who will prevail. In this module we explore how to leverage new opportunities such as partnerships and changing direction in your business.

Get advice and support from a community of women taking on the world!


Our amazing entrepreneurs and experts

The aim of The Women’s Business School is to provide a space where women can come together to learn from each other, be inspired to dream bigger and reach their full potential.

Our vision is to create a global movement of high-level female entrepreneurs that support, guide and inspire, emerging female founders to become future world-class business leaders through education, mentoring and sharing their wisdom and experience.

Through The Women’s Business School programs, founders receive entrepreneurial education from a team of high-level experts and entrepreneurs as well as mentoring, advice and access to successful female entrepreneurs across a range of industries.

Each month there are live entrepreneur calls with successful business women, this is your chance to talk directly with industry leaders from a range of fields. Having direct access to women like this is one of the most valuable opportunities that being a part of this program offers that other programs don’t.

Carolyn Creswell
Nikalene Riddle
Slim Secrets
Sharon Thurin
Lemon & Ginger
Winnie Elbl
Monique Filer & Dannielle Michaels
Nikki Horovitz & Toni Joel
Bhumi Organic Cotton
Vinita Baravkar
Million Dollar Women
Julia Pimsleur
Mind Gardener
Susan Pearse
Laura Furiosi
Rebecca Derrington
Tiny Tutus
Simone Cadell
The Baby Diaries
Tara O'Connell
Productpreneur Marketing
Catherine Langman
Candice Meisels PR
Candice Meisels

Combining comprehensive business education with a powerful mastermind group, a demo day and real connection to high-level entrepreneurs to help you create the life you’ve been dreaming of living


Accelerate founders are given the exclusive opportunity to pitch their company to an audience of 350 invited guests and potential investors.


‘When I began to embark on the journey to start my own business I was so overwhelmed with where to begin. There is so much information out there to help but how do I find the time to research while looking after 2 kids and still working. When I came across a Facebook ad introducing the Women’s Business School I had a ”oh my” moment.

When I looked further into it I could not believe what the course described, its values and its modules. I was so excited because it had a module that taught you ”Time Management” around your business and your family. That’s when I had another moment and realised that this was meant to be. I have no regrets and I have learnt all the essential key components to setting up, running and sustaining my business.

The support factor astounds me and I’ve made life long friends along the way too. This is not only a school it is a community, one that understands you not only as a student but as a mother, wife and entrepreneur’. Thank you for supporting me and showing me the skills to go one step further and be a Mumpreneur’.”

Mandy Benn, The Women’s Business School



Watching your dreams become reality

Using strategies to find customers that CAN’T WAIT to buy from you

Having time for your business, your family and YOURSELF

Seeing your brand grow to be everything you’ve imagined it to be and more

Feeling organised, enthusiastic and inspired

Never having to worry about money again

Creating the work you were born to do

Finally realising the potential that you know you have

What if we told you that all of this awaits you and more

Peace and Katy founders of AusMumpreneur Awards, Network and Conferences

Since we started in business we’ve worked with thousands of women and we’ve had the opportunity to be a part of their journey over a number of years. The AusMumpreneur Awards has given us a unique insight into what’s happening in Australian start-ups and small businesses and the magic that goes on behind the scenes in some of the most successful up and coming companies in Australia.

We’ve been fortunate to watch some of these journeys unfold from the very early days and we’re always fascinated by the ones who find true and lasting success and often wonder;
“How are they doing this?”
Why are they so successful where others aren’t?
What is that they’re doing differently that’s giving them this edge?’

The answers to these questions form the basis for this award-winning Accelerator program

We can help you

We’ve created a life that gives us everything we want for ourselves and our families

And we’re passionate about helping other women to do it too

Because we believe


We believe in you and your potential and we are committed to helping you recognise that potential too.

The world needs YOU to be happy, successful and fulfilled so that you can have the strength and wellbeing you need to support and nurture yourself and your family.

The benefits of this will flow on through the whole community and then from there through the whole world.

This is why we believe that investing in women is the key to changing the world

It's time

for you to step into your magnificence and share your gifts with the world

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Flexible learning designed for busy lives

Designed with the needs of busy families in mind the delivery of this program is unique. Pre-recorded video tutorials, an online hub open 24-7 and core course content available in video, audio or printable transcripts format.

Strategic action plan masterclass day

Meet fellow course participants, get hands-on and learn how to transform your goals and ideas into a targeted and strategic plan for your business. Join us in the city of your choice: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth.

Secrets to Success Interview Series

The Secrets to Success series features interviews with some of Australia’s most successful women. Be inspired by women who started out just like you and have now become successful entrepreneurs nationally and internationally.

Monthly live chat Q & A with special guests

Featuring special guest speakers, our live chat sessions allow you to talk directly with industry leaders. Connection with women of this calibre is just one of the exclusive and unique opportunities this program offers that you won’t get anywhere else.

Lifetime membership and support

We know from experience that business can be challenging and you’ll always need the support of a tribe on the same journey as you to provide you with referrals, offer advice, elevate you in your time of need and cheer you on when you’re celebrating success.

Monthly Group Masterclasses

Connect with your mentor each month on a group coaching call, where you’ll have the chance to learn more about the focus topic of the month, ask questions, seek guidance and get the support you need to create the life of your dreams.

24/7 Round the clock online support

The online hub is your one stop shop for networking, business advice, resources and support. These are all available for you to access when you need them, whether that’s at 2pm or 2am, the online hub is always open for you to ask questions and get help.

Strategies you can implement right now

It takes knowledge, understanding and action to implement powerful marketing campaigns, analyse your finances, think strategically and create innovative ideas and we provide you with the tools, techniques and strategies to achieve this.

“The Women’s Business School has been such a positive injection for my business. Being a mum is super-important to me, and I was interested in learning more about growing my business alongside other mums who were in a similar situation to me. Most of us mumpreneurs are involved in a bit of a crazy juggle at times, and I really appreciated that I could be fully ‘me’ as I did this course, and that I didn’t have to pretend that I was ‘just’ a worker or business owner who wasn’t involved in that juggle. The Brisbane Masterclass was such a great opportunity to get dressed up and spend the day focused on thinking about my business. The presentations from Peace, Katy and the other women were spot on, and the conversations with other course participants were encouraging. I enjoyed hearing other women’s business stories and dreams, and also hearing their feedback on mine. The vibe was fun and supportive, and I loved that. I came away with heaps of ideas for my business. What I really appreciated though was the opportunity to then slow down and spend a month thinking through each of the course components. The delivery format is flexible, and I’ve found myself watching the presentations and reading the books on my work computer, in bed, on a train, and even by the pool as my kids do their swimming lessons! The course organisers and presenters all make you feel like they are on your side, cheering you on, and that has given me increased confidence in putting my ideas into practice. The Marketing component was especially helpful for me. It was an area that I knew I had no natural talent or experience in, but the ideas were so clearly expressed and so practical that I put some of them into place straight away. My business went from having a steady trickle of work to just that tiny bit too much. I am loving having so much work coming in, and I know that so much of it has to do with the practical steps I took after completing the Marketing Assignment.” Tori Walker, Class of 2016, The Women’s Business School



Designed for established scale-ups and business owners, this program takes you through a 6 month structured accelerator program where you’ll learn strategies for how to pitch your brand, position yourself as an expert, how to expand to new markets and proven techniques for scaling up.



You’ll meet fellow entrepreneurs at our masterclass day and continue to network with them and others in the exclusive online hub. The hub provides a warm and friendly environment for participants to gain ongoing support, ask questions, receive guidance and collaborate with other course participants.



Join us at a 1 day intensive planning masterclass in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. At these interactive events, especially designed for female founders, you will set your goals for the next 12 months and learn how to create a targeted and strategic action plan to scale your business.



Learn from and be inspired by our team of business experts and special guests. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from, chat with and be inspired by a whole host of successful business women, who all started out the same way that you did; with big ideas and a lot of enthusiasm to make things happen!


Classes are strictly limited to 50 participants.This is a hands on intensive course with fortnightly readings, videos, tasks and worksheets to complete . We are purposely keeping numbers restricted so we can work closely with all participants to maximize their results.


What's included and how does it work?



The Women’s Business School

Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane

9.30am – 3.00pm

At this one day Masterclass in each city, be inspired to ignite your ideas in a way that

  • Has you dreaming big in your vision and goals
  • Sees you connecting to your authentic story
  • Makes you accountable for the delivery of an innovative business plan

You will also learn how to put your Business Plan into action by :

  • Building on your connections and relationships
  • Creating an Action Plan to help you reach your business goals
  • Overcoming your weaknesses through focusing on your strengths
  • Monitoring your direction and building upon your business’ strengths
  • Creating a focused direction and vision for your business


The last session of the day is The Women’s Business School Panel, featuring successful and inspirational female entrepreneurs. In this Session you will have the opportunity to ask each of the panelists questions about how they built their businesses and how they make it work.


We understand that different women have different learning styles so we’ve converted the training videos into audio and pdf formats to take on the run, listen in the car or at the gym. Each month you will receive a new lesson along with a printable workbook to download and complete and a challenge to help you implement what you have learnt straight into your business!

Unlike other courses, this program has been designed with women with young families in mind, with content delivered in a range of formats to suit a busy life. For each lesson you can access pre-recorded video tutorials, audio recordings or printable transcripts. Allowing you to learn when, how and where you like.

Each month you will receive:

Video Tutorial

Audio recording


Guide Book

Work Book

Challenge Task


The Secrets to Success video series features interviews from some of Australia’s most successful women in business. Learn from and be inspired by women who started out just like you and have now become successful entrepreneurs in a range of fields nationally and internationally.


Each month you will receive a new episode in the series with inspiration and advice on life as a successful entrepreneur and how to make it happen for you

Interviews with women from the food, fashion, digital, publishing, product, retail and service industries

Real advice from women that are running successful businesses and making a big impact in their industry.


Network with other small business owners from around Australia.

The Women’s Business School Hub is your own online community!

This is where you’ll find All of the course content, video tutorials and workbooks, Secrets to Success series videos, resource library with helpful checklist, information on how to start your business, the members forum and local networking groups.

The hub is also the place to go to ask questions, network with fellow business owners, read articles and start discussions.


Each month we hold Live Chat parties with successful business women, this is your chance to talk with industry leaders from a range of fields who can help you to really grow your business.

Grab a cuppa and join us online for our fun and informal live chat parties. Each month we feature special guest speakers to give you the opportunity to hear their story first hand, ask questions, gain advice and talk directly with industry leaders from a range of fields who can help you grow your business. Having direct access to connect with women of this caliber is one of the most exclusive opportunities that being a part of this program offers.

One hour live online Q & A session with special guest speaker and industry expert


Join in on a group coaching call to check in with how you are going and what areas you need help with. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask questions about the subjects you’re learning and connect with your mentors.

Held online at the Business School Hub, each month you’ll have the opportunity to talk about the course content, chat with your business mentor, ask for suggestions and advice about your business and network with your fellow business owners. If you’re struggling with motivation, overwhelmed by your to-do-list or simply stuck by a problem you weren’t expecting this is your opportunity to ask for the help you need.

One hour live online group coaching call with your business mentor


The online hub is your one stop shop for networking, help, business advice, resources and support. These are all available for you to access when you need them, whether that’s at 2pm or 2am, the online hub is always open for you to browse, ask questions, watch videos, listen to audios, complete tasks or just connect, chat and feel supported.

By being part of this program you’ll have life time support from our mentors, experts and a whole community of women just like you running a business.

Powerful connections with successful businesswomen and lifetime access to the community to help you feel embraced, empowered and guided through every single area of your life and business.


Classes are strictly limited to 30 participants in each city. This is a hands on intensive course with fortnightly readings, videos, tasks and worksheets to complete . We are purposely keeping numbers restricted so we can work closely with all participants to maximize their results.


About Us

Hi we’re Peace Mitchell and Katy Garner and if you haven’t already guessed we’re passionate about supporting women. We believe that to change the world we simply need to begin by helping women. When women are well and happy they can care for their families, when families are well and happy that flows on to their communities and when communities are well and happy that flows on to help whole nations!

Investing in women has the potential to improve the outcomes for education, mental health, physical health and social wellbeing for now and for the future.

This idea was what inspired us to create AusMumpreneur, Australia’s number 1 online community for mums in business, which supports, elevates, celebrates, represents and inspires the thousands of women who have created their own businesses that work around their family life.

We love what we do and we’ve been featured in national and international media including, 7news, The Today Show, Sunrise, Today Tonight, Cosmopolitan, The Herald Sun, The Australian and hundreds of other publications.

Together we’ve written numerous books including ‘How to create your own successful and profitable business from home’ which is sold in bookstores nationally. We’re also the authors of Amazing Mumpreneurs, The 7 secrets to standing out and What I wish I knew before I became a mother.

We’ve traveled all over Australia working with women in business and helping them to develop their business at our conferences and live events.

We’re passionate about being a voice for women and have been active in advocating for more recognition of the work of Australia’s mums in business with State and Federal politicians, to encourage more funding and support for women in business. We’ve been pivotal in changing local government legislation, calling for a national conversation and thanks to our lobbying the Queensland Government recently announced $1 Million in support for home-based business owners.

Katy has a background in events and has hosted large-scale community events for thousands of people. Peace is passionate about education and is a qualified teacher who has taught both in Australia and internationally.

We’ve been awarded for our work in the community and in business, with Peace receiving the Australia Day Citizen of the Year award and Katy being awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

We’ve participated on boards, Peace as a member of the board of management of Playgroup Queensland and Katy as a member of the Queensland Government Small business Advisory Board.

We’ve founded our own non-profit organisation, Mothers Helping Others, a community group with an aim to improve the lives of families. Raising over $80,000 in fundraising to build playgrounds, introducing literacy programs, parenting programs, photography workshops, and a supported playgroup for young parents.

But most importantly we are mothers. We have 7 children between us and are living proof that you can make business and family work. We understand the challenges women face as mothers starting new businesses and are passionate about ensuring women feel supported to find success through our online community, business school, events and annual Awards and Conference.

What We Wish We Had Known

We really struggled when we started out in business. We had big ideas, passion and energy but without the support of a network of other business owners around us, little experience in sales and marketing and the isolation of working from home, it was difficult to get our ideas off the ground.


As new mums when we started AusMumpreneur, there was also the pressure of juggling everything at once with our growing families. We wanted to be with our babies and have the time to play with them but we were also serious about our business and growing it to be a national brand.


There were times where the challenges seemed insurmountable and we wanted to give up but with the support of the AusMumpreneur community of generous and encouraging women who were also on a similar journey to us we found the confidence to trust ourselves and believe in our vision. Through trial and error and learning as much as we could we have come to know what works and what doesn’t and the essential things all businesses need to survive. This is the program we wish existed when we were starting out and we are so excited to be sharing this with you.


We’ve gathered the amazing mentors and experts we trust and use in our own business to bring you the most up-to-the minute advice on social media marketing, branding, time management and more.”


You’ll receive these money cant buy extras:

Powerful introductions to our business contacts

A new tribe of supporters for when business gets tough

Lifetime access to the course modules

Introductions to Mentors

Private Mastermind Group with the other course participants, teachers and special guests

Ok Are you ready? Let's do this!

Each Accelerate cohort is strictly limited to 30 participants. Numbers are restricted so we can work closely with all participants to maximize their results.


“When I signed up to The Women’s Business School I had an idea and no real clue how to turn it into a business. Now, 4 months in, my business is in the development phase, I have a business plan, a marketing plan and I’m currently learning how to deal with social media and how best to use it! On top of all of the practical information I have received, I have also met some amazing and inspirational women. I truly believe that we need to surround ourselves with like-minded people in order to succeed and The Women’s Business School has allowed me to connect with and turn to so many incredible women. I can honestly say that if not for this program I’d still just have an idea. This program has taught me to believe in my own abilities and to go for it. I’m very grateful to be a part of something so special.” Anna Braithwaite  The Women’s Business School