The best money books for women, by women

The best money books for women, by women

My sister Katy and I are really passionate about financial literacy. I guess it’s really because our first business wasn’t a business, it was a charity, and when you work as a volunteer, you never get paid. so we found ourselves working full time for 2 years yet not getting paid and with no prospects of being paid in actual money for this work ever. Yes we were making a difference, yes we were valued, yes the work we were doing was rewarding and so needed, yet it became clear that we couldn’t go on indefinitely without being paid.  We realised that this wasn’t sustainable (or fair!) and so we sadly had to close that charity and start all over again by finding a new way to support women. That’s a whole other story, but the point is, we know what it’s like to not be paid and we don’t think its fair.

It turns out that even when women are paying themselves the gender pay gap exists. Did you know that 50% of Australian women in business aren’t paying themselves? This means they’re paying their suppliers, the ATO, the power company, the web developer, the web hosting, mail programs, marketing and everyone else they need to keep their business going but they’re not paying themselves!  We find this stat unbelievably shocking and we want to do everything that we can to change this.

Even if you are paying yourself (and I hope you are!) it’s important for women to learn as much as they can about money and profit and managing their finances so we’ve compiled a list of the best money books for women as recommended by the women of our community.

The best money books for women, by women

  1. Worth It by Amanda Steinberg
  2. Million Dollar women by Julia Pimsleur
  3. The soul of money by Lynne Twist
  4. Money and Mindfulness by Lisa Messenger
  5. More money for shoes by Melissa Browne
  6. Overcoming underearning by Barbara Stanny
  7. The art of money by Bari Tessler
  8. You’re a badass at making money by Jen Sincero
  9. Money, A Love Story by Kate Northrup
  10. Money Made Beautiful by Sylvia Chierchia

Download the full list of 45 books here


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