How to find your word for the year {video + printable}

How to find your word for the year {video + printable}

Last year was the first time ever that I threw out New Year’s resolutions and selected ONE WORD as my intention for the year. It was life-changing and my word became my guiding light for the year. Inspiring me to try harder, dream bigger and grow into this beautiful word in every aspect of my life.

In this video Katy & I talk to Susan Pearse about why new year’s resolutions don’t work and how selecting one word can help to create more abundance and give you clarity, inspiration and direction for the year ahead.

We’ve also put together a printable workbook for you to download with the 6 steps for how to find your own perfect word.  Fill in the form below and we’ll email it to you.



We can’t wait to hear what you’ll choose! Let us know in the Facebook Group

PS my word for this year is ‘SHINE’ and I can’t wait to see the impact it will have on my year ahead, I’ve already started my pinterest board and here’s the definition I found: 


verb, shined, shining.
1. to glow with light.
2. to be bright with light; glisten; sparkle.

3. to appear brightly or strongly.

4. to be or appear unusually animated or bright.

5. to appear with brightness or clearness, as feelings.
6. to excel

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