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PB-Paperback_BookCoverI’ve been reading Tara Mohr’s book Playing Big and I am absolutely loving it! Each chapter has a new lesson that I have been able to implement to help me start playing bigger in my own life and business. Recommended reading for all women wanting to play bigger!

I have just finished reading the chapter Let it Be Easy. In this chapter Tara talks about why the traditional methods of using willpower or self-discipline to achieve our goals don’t work and gives 6 steps to use that will help you achieve your goals and make it easy. I love this so much, so much of what we are told in business is about the hustle; we should be doing this social media strategy, we should be following this routine, we should be creating this strategic alliance but imagine if instead it could just be easy! Tara believes it can and here’s how.


The 6 Let it Be Easy steps:

1 Set Gift Goals not Should Goals –

In this step it looks at how you are choosing your goals and phrasing them. Are you choosing ‘should’ goals because you have been told this is what you should do? Or are you choosing Gift Goals, goals that fill you with joy and you are so excited to achieve?

An example of a Should goal – You should have 1000 follows – so you madly go about trying to grow your following using like ladders and without knowing why.

An example of a Gift Goal – To grow a loyal following of people that love my work – You’re still attracting new followers but in this way you are focusing on sharing the work you love and growing an organic authentic audience that loves what you do.

I know which goal I’d rather have!

2 Find champions and sources of accountability

When you are trying to achieve big things or make big changes you are going to come across hurdles along the way. Relying on your own willpower will get you some of the way, but by reaching out and finding support from champions will not only help you get through the tough times but also keep you accountable and on track. Champions can be anyone including family and friends but they need to be people that support you and what you’re trying to achieve and also people you can count on to be reliable and keep you accountable.

Mastermind groups can be great for this support or buddying up with a fellow woman in business that also has big goals.


3 See yourself in partnership with a higher force

How does your goal connect to your calling and your higher purpose in this life? We all have a number of strong callings in life and by connecting your goal with your calling, and seeing how achieving this goal will help the world or the greater good, can help keep you motivated and focused.


4 Create a plan based on your unique strengths and resources

One of my favourite mantras is “You have everything you need, you just have to believe.’ When putting together a plan to achieve your goal it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the never ending to do list of things you believe you need to do or have to achieve your goal. You may believe you need to do more research, get more training, get more followers or create more networks. While some of these steps may be needed, we can often get started on our goals by tapping into the strengths and resources that we already have. Do you have contacts you can currently tap into? What business resource do you already have? Take an audit of strengths and resources that you already have and how they can get you closer to your goal.


5 Make it the default

Finding time to work on your business and not in your business is one of the biggest struggles for entrepreneurs and small business owners. It’s so easy to be busy with the day to day running of the business that you never get the time to start working on your business plans and new goals. So you need to make it easy on yourself and schedule this time into your diary and make it regular and consistent. Find a time in your week when you know it will be easy to do this. Don’t make it a time in your week when you know you will be busy or tired, it will be too easy for you to find excuses not to do it, instead schedule a time maybe 9am on Tuesdays when you can turn everything else off and spend time working on achieving your goal.


6 Compassionately investigate when you get stuck

If you have implemented theses steps and you are still feeling stuck. Take a look at why this is happening. So often when things don’t happen the way we want we get down on ourselves and the negative talk starts. But often there are reasons behind why we are stuck. Do you need to take another approach? Do you need more resources? Was your time frame unrealistic and you need to extend this? Do you need someone to help you?

Or are you exhausted and you need a break? So often we are working from an empty cup and pushing ourselves along isn’t going to help. Ask yourself ‘Honey what do you need?’ then give that to yourself.  Take the time you need to have a break, take a nap, see your friends do the things that will fill you back up. You will be much more productive by taking this time and you will often be able to come up with your best ideas/solutions when you give your self some space and self love!


I have been re looking at all of my goals I have and how I can make them be easy! I hope you can use these steps to help you Let it be easy in your business too.



I’ve created a PRINTABLE which I now have pinned up in my office. Four simple words that allow me to stop when I’m feeling overwhelmed and telling myself “I can’t do this”, “I’ll never get it done” or “it’s too hard” and interrupt those thoughts with a new mindset that I can choose to ‘let it be easy’.

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