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Women’s Business School

2018 program

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We are so passionate about empowering women to create a life that really works for them.

A life that allows women to have the financial freedom, flexibility, family time, creativity and success they deserve.


We’ve gathered the amazing mentors, teachers and experts we trust and use in our own business to create a 6 month program purposefully designed for busy female entrepreneurs to kickstart their business goals.


That not only brings you the latest business advice from leading female entrepreneurs, but also gives you access to women just like you that have started out in businesses and made it BIG.


Our mission is to give you the clarity you need, guide you on the path and help make your business dreams come true.


We hope you will take this step to get the support you need, we know that running your own business can be hard but we also know that the rewards can be great!


If you have any questions please send us an email we would love to hear from you, email us at hello@thewomensbusinessschool.com

Peace and Katy xx

Women’s Business School

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“When I signed up to The Women’s Business School I had an idea and no real clue how to turn it into a business. Now, 4 months in, my business is in the development phase, I have a business plan, a marketing plan and I’m currently learning how to deal with social media and how best to use it! On top of all of the practical information I have received, I have also met some amazing and inspirational women. I truly believe that we need to surround ourselves with like-minded people in order to succeed and The Women’s Business School has allowed me to connect with and turn to so many incredible women. I can honestly say that if not for this program I’d still just have an idea. This program has taught me to believe in my own abilities and to go for it. I’m very grateful to be a part of something so special.” Anna Braithwaite class of 2016, The Women’s Business School

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