Peace Mitchell speaking at TEDxTownsville. Photo by Liz Morris, Like a Boss Photography

So something magical happened this weekend. Despite all of the challenges this year has thrown us, cancelled events, ruined plans and the toughest year small businesses have faced globally since the Great Depression somehow we’ve still managed to find something positive to focus on!

The journey to TEDx was harder than expected. it took 7 rewrites of my speech before I was happy with the final version, I had a lot of help from a number of people, especially Katy Garner (who has been on the TED prep rollercoaster with me!) and Kathy Rhodes whose expertise in this field has been incredible!

Peace Mitchell speaking at TEDxTownsville. Photo by Liz Morris, Like a Boss Photography

My topic was the Connection Economy and it was all about the power of having a community of people surrounding you and lifting you higher so it was incredibly beautiful to have messages, phone calls, and emails of support from hundreds of people around Australia and the world wishing me luck as I prepared to step onto that stage!

On the night instead of fear I felt love. And when I stood on the red circle and looked out at the audience I remember pausing and just taking in the magic of this moment and everything it had taken to get here and everyone who was metaphorically up there with me before I began speaking.

Peace Mitchell speaking at TEDxTownsville. Photo by Liz Morris, Like a Boss Photography

It has been a long journey and my story went right back to my very first business and the non-profit organization I co-founded with Katy and our 2 friends Liz and Karen after Cyclone Larry. And writing our story and telling our story, gave me the chance to reflect on the fact that so many people have been with us through this whole time, years and years of trying and failing and trying again and always with a single goal in mind of supporting women to see their true potential and reach for their dreams and know that they don’t have to do it on their own.

As a new year is just around the corner I’m also thinking about the future too and all the dreams and plans we have for 2021. A new book, the 2021 awards and our next intake of students for The Women’s Business School (applications open today)!
Being on stage at TEDx was incredible but I couldn’t have got there without all of our community behind me cheering me on, so THANK YOU to everyone who has been a part of the journey, I can’t wait to see what comes next!


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