The REAL story of success

The REAL story of success


Success is hard.

It looks easy when it’s happening to someone else, but the reality is that everyone faces challenges, and sometimes a LOT of them.

I thought this experience just applied to entrepreneurs but as I was creating this picture it reminded me of my 10 year old doing his homework. His teacher spent one term (10 weeks) giving out weekly creative challenges instead of usual homework.
10 weeks! 10! Why? WHY??
Every Monday he would come home and we would look at his homework task together.
Every week he would start out positive, enthusiastic and excited about the project.
We’d brainstorm ideas together and he’d choose an idea that was going to be perfect, unique, achievable and fun to do.
But before long his enthusiasm would deteriorate into self-doubt.
Which would make the problem seem much bigger and much worse than it really was.
He’d start stressing about whether we had the right materials, enough time, the skills to make whatever it was he wanted to make.
This was rapidly followed by crippling indecision and yes, even some crying.
Followed closely by illogically completely changing plans and the same catastrophe happening all over again (and more crying).story-of-success
Then, finally, (after some patient, rational guidance and encouragement) coming up with a decision and actually doing the project.
Over a few weeks I noticed the same pattern repeating again and again: brief enthusiasm, followed by 20 minutes of indecision, followed by 20 minutes of crying.

But eventually there would be a break through and then 20 minutes of doing the actual homework and then finally success!

At first I was really worried that perhaps this was some kind of weird genetic trait he’d inherited from me. But then I realised that this was a completely human experience and this process is universal, whether you were an entrepreneur, a student, an athlete, an employee or no matter who you were or whatever you did, there would be enthusiasm, challenges, triumphs, self-doubt, indecision, ugly crying and then, if you kept trying, a breakthrough and finally success!

We are all the same. We’re all just out there doing our thing – putting ourselves forward, being challenged, hitting setbacks and trying our best to get it right.

And the truth is that we need to keep on doing our best, showing up, moving forward, we can’t give up when the going gets tough, we have to keep on trying, because that’s the only way we’ll reach success.

What do you think? Is this true for you?

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