We are as bright as the sun

We are as bright as the sun

We are as bright as the sun

We are the fearless ones
The brave
The bold


The ones who dare to believe in ourselves
To stand our ground
To leap


We don’t listen to negativity
To doubters
To knockers


For we are focused on something greater
Our calling
Our purpose
Our unrelenting fire within


We are the ones to lead
To trailblaze
To shine


We are not afraid of our own light
Of each other’s light
Of the light we know awaits us yet


For we are the courageous
The strong
The soft


We are the ones to lift
To encourage
To inspire


We are the creative
The innovative
The intuitive


We are the fast
The self assured
The determined


We create our own sunshine
Our own empires
Our own magic


We stand alone
We stand our ground
And we stand together


We are as bright as the sun

The Women’s Business School Ignite program starts this February with an epic 8 city national roadshow

Melbourne – Brisbane – Sydney – Cairns – Townsville – Adelaide – Newcastle – Perth 

The Women’s Business School is a business school designed exclusively for women.

We believe women are the key to changing the world. By empowering women to embrace their full potential we can create change for women which then helps their families and communities and then flows to the whole country.

The Women’s Business School is a world first, a global business school which acknowledges, elevates and embraces the feminine way of doing business over the traditional masculine way, encouraging qualities such as collaboration over competition, working in flow instead of hustling and innovation over conformity.
We have a global vision to change the lives of women everywhere through education, empowerment and entrepreneurialism.

Register here to find out more:

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