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We’re featuring fearless, visionary women from countries around the world who are courageously following their calling and have a message to share that will inspire women everywhere to create change in big and small ways.  The show is all about sharing inspirational true stories from influential leaders to help inspire our tribe to dream bigger, reach their full potential and become more empowered in creating change in their lives.


In this week’s episode of ‘Women will change the world’ TV  Peace Mitchell will chat with Emma McNeilly, founder of Expressions Australia.


Expressions started as a one-woman operation, working with a handful of schools from a back bedroom in 1999. Now, Expressions has grown into a national Award Winning brand that has worked on over 18,000 community fundraising projects and has helped raised millions of dollars in every corner of the country.


Peace Mitchell chats with Emma on how she is leading the way with her creative fundraising project options that has helped local communities raised much needed $$$ all over the country.


Top tips from Emma:


1. It’s Ok to ask for help. The key to balance for me was learning to let go and delegate, I found this very challenging in the beginning. But I realised that for my business to grow and for me to keep enjoying life, I needed to hand over some of the workload. In the business or at home, outsource if you can, hire a cleaner, engage a bookkeeper, whatever works. There’s lots of talented people out there, so when and if you can, share the load.


2. When the mother guilt creeps in, remind yourself that you are showing your children how to work hard for what they want and remember the reasons you do it, to be flexible, fulfilled and financial.


3. Document all your procedures so it’s easy to train, then hire people that are better at something than you are and let them do their job. Develop an Operations Manual that details every aspect of your business, the aim is that your business is secure and can operate without you; it will also provide a valuable resource for your staff and ensure that every customer gets the highest standard of service and product.


In this episode of Women will change the world TV, Peace Mitchell talks to Emma McNeilly of Expressions Australia. An innovative business that supports community groups, schools and non profits by incorporating children’s artwork into fundraising products. From humble beginnings and an idea for how to sell tea towels Emma has created a multi-million dollar business which has helped give back to hundreds of local communities around Australia.

Posted by Women's Business School on Wednesday, 20 June 2018

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