We believe everyone has a story to share and we love sharing some of these inspirational stories with you. We feel so fortunate to meet amazing women in the work that we do and can’t wait to introduce you to them!


We believe that investing in women is the most powerful way to change the world and our show features and celebrates women who are making a significant impact in the world in some way.


That impact might be as a thought leader, by creating a movement, being an activist, a change-maker, in humanitarian efforts, environmental efforts, community building, equality, advocacy, breaking ground in innovation, health, education, tech and leading world-changing companies, not-for-profits and social enterprises.


We’re featuring fearless, visionary women from countries around the world who are courageously following their calling and have a message to share that will inspire women everywhere to create change in big and small ways.  The show is all about sharing inspirational true stories from influential leaders to help inspire our tribe to dream bigger, reach their full potential and become more empowered in creating change in their lives.


In this week’s episode of ‘Women will change the world’ TV  Peace Mitchell will chat with Julia Simmonds, founder of Itchy Baby Co Itchy baby co. helps parents to keep their children’s skin healthy with their simple pharmacist developed natural skincare routine. Itchy Baby Co. wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the deeply challenging period in Julia‘s life when she was battling practically and emotionally with her baby boy’s severe eczema. Feeling drained and exhausted after an eczema flare up which resulted in a hospital admission and carrying around a huge amount of guilt for not being able to help her baby boy, Julia set to work, using her knowledge and education as a pharmacist to develop a natural skincare routine to help her son.


Top tips from Julia:


1. Don’t get caught up in what other people’s idea of business success might look like. Eg for some people having a huge office space with many staff is an indicator of success.


2. Ignore labels like ‘lifestyle business’, ‘mummy business’ ‘garage business’ ‘cottage business’,


3. Listen, ask questions and be constantly learning, but remember no one understands you and what drives your business better than you do.



Women will change the world TV

In this episode of Women Will change the world TV join Peace Mitchell as she speaks with Julia Simmonds, founder of The Itchy Baby Co about how she's helping families of babies and children with allergies, sensitive skin and serious skin conditions.Women will change the world TV#womenwillchangetheworld

Posted by Women's Business School on Wednesday, 11 July 2018


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