We believe everyone has a story to share and we love sharing some of these inspirational stories with you. We feel so fortunate to meet amazing women in the work that we do and can’t wait to introduce you to them!


We believe that investing in women is the most powerful way to change the world and our show features and celebrates women who are making a significant impact in the world in some way.


That impact might be as a thought leader, by creating a movement, being an activist, a change-maker, in humanitarian efforts, environmental efforts, community building, equality, advocacy, breaking ground in innovation, health, education, tech and leading world-changing companies, not-for-profits and social enterprises.


We’re featuring fearless, visionary women from countries around the world who are courageously following their calling and have a message to share that will inspire women everywhere to create change in big and small ways.  The show is all about sharing inspirational true stories from influential leaders to help inspire our tribe to dream bigger, reach their full potential and become more empowered in creating change in their lives.


In this week’s episode of ‘Women will change the world’ TV  Peace Mitchell will chat with Kelly Boateng, founder of Adinkra DesignsKelly established Adinkra Designs only a year ago. Adinkra Designs imports fair trade décor from Ghana for the home and baby nursery. All Adinkra Designs products are hand made from sustainable, eco friendly materials. Adinkra Designs prides itself on working direct with the artisans to ensure that they are provided a fair income for their work. Giving back to the communities they work with is at the heart of everything they do. Every sale made helps to fund improved educational resources for children in Ghana.


Top tips from Kelly:


1. If you work internationally – make sure you take the time to understand the culture of the country you are working with.


2. Outsourcing is key to survival!


3. Don’t hold back and let life pass you by.



In this episode Peace Mitchell talks to one of our Women’s Business School graduates Kelly Boateng founder of Adinkra Design.Kelly is a Mum to three beautiful children, Amali (5), Makeda (4) and Kingston (7 months). She loves interior design, photography and travel. She dreams of travelling around Africa, collecting trinkets to fill her home and to share these beautiful artisan made crafts with the world. She is also very passionate about improving the educational facilities for children in Africa.Adinkra Designs imports décor from Africa for the home and baby nursery. All products are ethically made from sustainable, eco friendly materials. Each product is unique like a piece of artwork. Kelly works direct with the artisans to ensure that a fair price is paid for each item and adheres to Fair Trade practices. Every sale helps to fund improved educational resources for children in Ghana."Establishing our foundation, The Adinkra Project, is what truly drives us to achieve and grow. Through our partnership with AYI (African Youth Initiative), we are growing a network of Youth Centres in Ghana that focus on giving children a recreational space where they receive tutoring, access to computers, library and sports equipment. The Youth Centres provide a supportive environment for local children to gather, learn and play. A key part of the program is to support the children through individual casework, mentoring and counselling. The Youth Centres function to provide a consistent and stable program to supplement their schooling that aims to build their life skills and confidence to break the cycle of poverty. It’s an amazing grass roots not for profit that we are truly excited and feel privileged to be a part of. We know that the more our business grows, the more we can contribute back to the community, which is a powerful driving force."

Posted by Women's Business School on Wednesday, 18 July 2018


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