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 5 Full Scholarships (valued at $6000 each) and 50 matched funding scholarships of $3,000 each are available.

1 Full Scholarships and 10 Matched Scholarships for each city

(Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth)



The Women’s Business School is committed to having an impact on diversity in entrepreneurship through leadership on this important issue. Through our network of women we aim to reach women from rural, regional and remote areas as well as women with indigenous and multicultural backgrounds and provide better opportunities for these women to succeed.

Research shows that a focus on diversity and inclusion not only brings fresh perspectives and a wealth of innovative ideas but also companies with female founders often outperform their male peers.

When we started this business we always wanted to change the world by helping women to become their best, feel happy, empowered and supported.


Eight years on and we still feel the same. Providing scholarships to the Women’s Business School is not just about giving women access to business education, its also about sending a message to women that says “you matter”, “you have great ideas”, “you have potential”, “you can do this!”


It’s also about providing them with support. They say ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ but we believe it takes a village to raise an entrepreneur too. We need each other. We don’t have to walk alone and these scholarships mean that you become part of an incredible community of ambitious, innovative and successful women. Women who are generous, kind, compassionate and strong and determined too.


We’re passionate about supporting women to follow their dreams and we’re getting behind established and growing businesses with over $100,000.00 in full and matched funding scholarships for the first intake of the ACCELERATE program.


Women learn differently and do business differently and The Women’s Business School is the first global business school designed exclusively for women.


We believe empowering women to realise their potential is the key to changing the world. We’re investing in the future by providing opportunities for ambitious women to follow their business dreams. We’re delighted to be able to get behind women and give them this opportunity.



This intake starts with a roadshow in February 2018 in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Cairns, Townsville, Auckland and Newcastle with the online training component commencing in March 2018.


Learn More About The ACCELERATE Program


The Women’s Business School Scholarship Program provides real support for women in business. This program provides opportunities for women to be able to develop their business skills, connect with fellow business owners and gain advice and inspiration from female business experts.


The scholarships are open to deserving women who have a business and would benefit from the Women’s Business School ACCELERATE program.


To nominate to receive a full scholarship or a matched funding scholarship please answer the questions below. All answers will be kept confidential.


Nominations are due by SUNDAY 21 JAN 2018


If you have any questions about the program or you’re having trouble submitting the form please email your responses directly to KELLIE@thewomensbusinessschool.com

  •  A matched funding scholarship provides 50% of the fee for the program and the recipient must pay the remaining 50%. On payment this scholarship includes full access to the online program plus one ticket to the masterclass day in the city of your choice but does not include any associated expenses eg flights, accommodation etc. 10 matched funding scholarships per city are available.