Learn from some of the worlds most successful and influential businesswomen

The aim of the Women’s Business School is to create a global movement of 100 female entrepreneurs that support, nurture and empower, 10,000 emerging women in business to become future business leaders through education, mentoring and sharing their wisdom and experience by 2025.

At the Women’s Business School you will receive training from successful female experts and entrepreneurs as well as mentoring, advice and access to successful female business owners in the industry you are entering! Entrepreneurs that have made it BIG in business while keeping the balance right for their families.

Each month we hold live entrepreneur interviews with successful business women, this is your chance to talk directly with industry leaders from a range of fields who can help you to grow your business. Having direct access to women like this is one of the most valuable opportunities that being a part of this program offers.

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What our graduates say about the Women's Business School

Scholarship Applications Close Saturday - Apply Now! https://www.thewomensbusinessschool.com/womensbusinessschool-scholarship/Over $100,000 worth of scholarships are on offer – 5 Full Scholarships (valued at $6000 each) and 50 matched funding scholarships of $3,000 each.1 Full Scholarships and 10 Matched Scholarships for each city(Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth){SCHOLARSHIP OPEN NOW} We're looking for Australia's Future Business LeadersWe are looking for 50 women to undergo a complete mind and business transformation that will completely revolutionise their business and mindset for success.Do you fit the following criteria?Established business 18 months+Ready to transform your business to be the next big thing100% ready to learn and invest in yourselfAble to commit to 3-5 hours of learning a weekIf you answered YES to the above criteria then you qualify to apply for our life changing program.APPLY HERE: thewomensbusinessschool.com/accelerate/THE WOMEN'S BUSINESS SCHOOLACCELERATE PROGRAMWe are so excited to give you some more information about our exciting new Women's Business School course ACCELERATE.We have been dreaming about this course so for so long and it's so exciting to be able to now share it with you!ACCELERATE is all about sharing the wisdom, lessons and skills from our top female entrepreneurs to the emerging women in business to create a new league of leading future Australian Female Entrepreneurs through education, mentoring and support.We are so passionate about empowering women to play big in business. We know that the best ways to solve so many of the worlds problems is to empower the worlds female entrepreneurs.But we know how hard it can be sometimes,That feeling when you know you have a fantastic business idea and your business is going well but you just can't reach that next leveland you’re so overwhelmed by the to do lists and juggling everything, that it feels impossible and nothing like what you'd wanted,You wish you could just talk to other successful businesswomen and ask them how they’ve done it, but you're not sure how to reach them or what to ask.We know how it feels, because we've felt like this too!We really struggled when we were growing our business. We had so many big ideas, passion and energy and we were watching so many of our friends achieving amazing things in business, but we couldn't seem to get to the next level.So we started researching and interviewing the women who had done it and were able to find true and lasting success and we found it came down to these 6 factors1. They had purpose, passion and a vision2. They created systems & could scale their business to be bigger then them3. They built a loyal and highly engaged tribe4. They knew the numbers in their business and how to use this knowledge to drive profit5. They become THE expert at what they do6. They understood the power of partnerships and how to leverage themThese learnings are the basis of our new program – Accelerate – a 6 month course designed specifically for women in business who dream of something bigger, who know they have the potential to create an amazing business and who are determined to do whatever it takes to reach their goals.We’ve carefully selected experts in each of these topics, women who we know can help you to implement these strategies and share how they’ve applied these techniques to their businesses.Our featured entrepreneurs include a host of successful business women, which includes Carolyn Creswell of Carman's Fine Foods, Monique Filer and Dannielle Michaels creators of B.Box, Nikalene Riddle founder of Skinnymixers, Sharon Thurin founder of Slim Secrets, Tara O'Connell founder of the Baby Diaries App just to name a few.The course begins with a one day live masterclass day dedicated to you working on your own business where you look at everything you’re doing now and create a strategic plan to move you closer to your goals.Then over 6 months we will teach you the skills to implement these plans with video tutorials, live coaching calls, power sessions with our guest entrepreneurs all alongside the high level business women in the private mastermind group that will support each other over the 6 month program and beyond!As part of the program you will also learn how to position yourself as a recognised expert and at the end of the course have the opportunity to deliver a live presentation to an audience of invited guests at our special pitch day eventCan you see why we are so excited!APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN NOW AND WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO TAKE UP THIS OPPORTUNITYhttps://www.thewomensbusinessschool.com/accelerate/Our mission is to give you the the skills, knowledge and clarity you need, guide you on the path and help make your business dreams come true because we know the power that women in business have to make a real difference. We hope you will take this step to get the support you need, we know that running your own business can be hard but we also know that the rewards can be great!If you have any questions please send us an email we would love to hear from you, email us at kellie@thewomensbusinessschool.comPeace, Katy, Kellie & the WBS team xxWomen's Business School

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Are you ready to IGNITE your business idea?


Are you ready to ACCELERATE your business growth?


Our tailored programs will suit your needs, whether you’re looking for:

  • Steps on how to develop a business idea, practical steps for how to write a comprehensive business action plan and proven strategies for growing your business

  • Strategies that will give you clarity, will help you identify and remove blockages and take your business to the next level

  • Strategies to accelerate your business growth and build a world leading company




We’re so passionate about bringing forward a feminine way of doing business. Empowering and educating women who will change the world

We’re so passionate about empowering women to create a life that really works for them.

A life that allows women to have the financial freedom, flexibility, family time, creativity and success they deserve.

But we know how hard it can be sometimes,

We know that feeling when you know you have a fantastic business idea, but just don’t know where to start or how to make it happen,

Or when you have taken the plunge and started in business but you’re not gaining traction and not sure what the next step is,

Or when you’re so overwhelmed by the to do lists and juggling everything,

Or when you are in an organisation trying to influence authentically but the masculine way is encouraged and it doesn’t feel true to you.

And this is why we have created this business school

Let us show you the clarity you need, guide you on the path and help make your dreams come true.

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Signature Programs

Ignite Program

For businesses 2 years and under

Are you ready to create the business you’ve been dreaming of?
The Women’s Business School IGNITE Program is perfect for you!
The IGNITE program has been specially created for women starting out in business. A dedicated 6 month business program that will teach you the steps to develop your business idea, practical steps for how to write a comprehensive business action plan, proven strategies for growing your business through sales, marketing and social media, as well as how to master your finances and learn how to work in flow!

Kickstart your business goals, fine tune your existing business or make your dream business become a reality.

The IGNITE program is for women starting out in business.

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Accelerate Program

For Businesses 3 – 10 years

The ACCELERATE Program has been specially created for women wanting to be the future business leaders of Australia

ACCELERATE is a 6-month dedicated business program, exclusively for women who are serious about growing their businesses to their full potential.
This tailored online course provides steps on how to develop a global business, practical steps for how to write a comprehensive 5 year business action plan and proven strategies for growing a highly profitable business.

ACCELERATE your business goals, grow your business and make your dream business become a reality.

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Live Interviews With Successful Business Women and Leaders

Get true and tested advice from real life Female Entrepreneurs & Leaders. Join us as they share their ``Success Secrets`` with us. You’ll get insider information from successful women across a range of industries. These women all have successful and profitable careers themselves and generously share their stories of how they’ve overcome adversity to create amazing lives and find success.


We believe that women hold the power to change the world

Motherhood is so important, women are literally creating the blueprint for how the future will look. We believe that this role is so important and that it is possible to combine business and motherhood in a way that works for women and their families. Having it all is possible and we want to share with women how other families, just like theirs, are making it happen.


Industry Specific Advice

Hear from women in your Industry including product innovation, e-commerce, fashion, digital, publishing, business services, importing and more. Hear from leaders in your industry and have the opportunity to ask them industry specific questions.


Online Content to fit around your busy life

We know how busy you are, so the core course content is available live and if you can't make it, we also record the video tutorials so that you can watch at a time that works for you. This flexible learning delivered as fortnightly videos allows you to plan your time for learning. Recorded content ensures that you won’t miss a thing and you can go back and rewatch the videos whenever you want to or need to.


Join the Tribe

Be supported by women following their passions and taking control of their lives! By being part of this program you’ll have ongoing support from our mentors, experts and ambassadors and from the whole Women's Business School community of women just like you!


LIve Events

Programs start with an Action Plan Masterclass, a live one day conference. At this event you will set the vision for your business and come away with a clear plan for the next 12 months in your business.

It's time

for you to step into your magnificence

And Share Your Gifts With The World


Learn the skills you need to succeed from our team of mentors and business experts, with video tutorials, printable workbooks, and group coaching calls.


Be inspired by the stories of success from women in business across a range of industries. Hear how they overcame challenges to create amazing global brands.


Meet and be motivated by women like you following their own journey in business, who share the same passion, drive and determination to succeed that you do.


Find the confidence and strength to reach your true potential with the support, encouragement and guidance from a powerful community of women all over Australia.


Spicers Retreats
Jude Turner
Mindful Mama
Amy Taylor-Kabbaz
The Art of Money
Bari Tessler Linden
Whole Foods Simply
Bianca Slade
Danielle Sweetney
Bhumi Organic Cotton
Vinita Baravkar
Sequins and Sand
Anita McLachlan
Helen Joy Butler
Helen Butler
Naughty Naturopath Mum
Alisha Lynch
Carmen's Fine Foods
Carolyn Creswell
Laura Furiosi
Rebecca Derrington
Marketing to Mums
Katrina McCarter
Kiss to Sell
Frances Pratt
Million Dollar Relationships
Danielle Storey
Productpreneur Marketing
Catherine Langman
Table of Plenty
Kate Weiss
Tina Harris
Mind Gardener
Susan Pearse
Whole Kids
Monica Meldrum

Combining comprehensive business education with a powerful mastermind group and real connection to Inspirational role models to help you create the life you’ve been dreaming of living

Connect at our Live Events

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women that have her back

The Women’s Business School programs starts with an Action Plan Masterclass, a live one day conference in your choice of  Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.  At this event you will set the vision for your business and come away with a clear plan for the next 12 months in your business.

Women's Business School

Key Features

Flexible learning designed for busy lives

Designed with the needs of busy families in mind the delivery of this program is unique. Pre-recorded video tutorials, an online hub open 24-7 and core course content available in video, audio or printable transcripts format.

Live Events

Meet fellow course participants, get hands-on and learn how to transform your goals and ideas into a targeted and strategic plan for your business. Join us in the city of your choice: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth

Secrets to Success Interview Series

The Secrets to Success series features interviews with some of Australia’s most successful women. Be inspired by women who started out just like you and have now become successful entrepreneurs nationally and internationally.

Monthly live chat Q & A with special guests

Featuring special guest speakers, our live chat sessions allow you to talk directly with industry leaders. Connection with women of this calibre is just one of the exclusive and unique opportunities this program offers that you won’t get anywhere else.

Lifetime membership and support

We know from experience that business can be challenging and you’ll always need the support of a tribe on the same journey as you to provide you with referrals, offer advice, elevate you in your time of need and cheer you on when you’re celebrating success.

Monthly Group Masterclasses

Connect with your mentor each month on a group coaching call, where you’ll have the chance to learn more about the focus topic of the month, ask questions, seek guidance and get the support you need to create the life of your dreams.

24/7 Round the clock online support

The online hub is your one stop shop for networking, business advice, resources and support. These are all available for you to access when you need them, whether that’s at 2pm or 2am, the online hub is always open for you to ask questions and get help.

Strategies you can implement right now

It takes knowledge, understanding and action to implement powerful marketing campaigns, analyse your finances, think strategically and create innovative ideas and we provide you with the tools, techniques and strategies to achieve this.

Powerful connections with successful businesswomen and lifetime access to the community to help you feel embraced, empowered and guided through every single area of your life and business.

Who is this school for?

This course is right for you if:

You’re committed to growing your businesses
You’re 100% committed to learning new things
You’re willing to actively implement what you learn
You really want to, and you’re ready to do what it takes to change your life
You’re willing to invest in yourself and growing your businesses
You’re excited about the potential of your business
You know you have a great idea and believe you have what it takes to make it successful

Who is this school NOT for?

This won’t be right for you if:

You just want to read or watch course content without following through with the necessary action
You aren’t willing to try new things or implement what you’ve learned
You prefer to just ‘go with the flow’ instead of being in control of your destiny
You think its ok to skip homework
You don’t believe in the importance of investing in your personal development
You don’t think you need a business plan to run a successful business
You’re a man, sorry guys, this one is just for women

Why Is This School so Different

This is the only business school that gives you access to successful and up and coming businesswomen in your industry who you can connect with, learn from and be guided by.

We know firsthand how frustrating it is to attend a conference or event where all the presenters are men, so we’ve brought together some of the most incredible, passionate, knowledgeable women you can relate to, who understand the challenges women face and are shaking things up in their industry right now!

As women ourselves we’ve designed this program especially for women with babies and young children in mind, with short pre-recorded videos, audio recordings and workbook challenges that you can easily fit into your lifestyle. You’ll learn from the amazing mentors and experts that we know, trust and use in our own business and connect with incredible women from a range of industries.

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Ok Are you ready to do this!

It’s time for women to step forward and reclaim the leadership power that sits within all of us.

In the ancient traditions women were the keepers of wisdom.  Their vision was honoured by the whole community.   They brought life, held potential to create and bring change and they facilitated harmony and balance in their communities.  It’s time to restore what’s been out of balance for thousands of years.