Accelerate is a 12 week accelerator program for experienced entrepreneurs,  and business owners who are ready to grow their business.

This unique program offers founders the opportunity to scale their business, refine their systems, build their profile, leverage PR opportunities, boost profitability, expand to new markets, seek capital and raise their personal profile.

We don’t take your equity or lock you in. We offer connection and guided, flexible learning at your own pace, anywhere, anytime.

ACCELERATE your ideas, be seen, scale up and live the life you have been dreaming of.

Award Winning 12 week Virtual Accelerator Program

Accelerate is an award-winning virtual accelerator designed for experienced female founders.

The program provides the support and guidance founders need to navigate the challenges of scaling their company.

Including a structured curriculum to provide the practical implementation of business development and strategy combined with the emotional support necessary to guide founders through complex problem solving and decision making processes with clarity and confidence.

Featuring real support through weekly live calls and masterclasses, and an online hub open 24-7 allowing you to feel supported and learn anywhere, anytime.

You’ll also receive monthly assessment with a printable workbook to download and complete with written feedback from our program facilitator.

One of the most important parts of this program is equipping participants with the tools to support their ambitions and the confidence and courage to achieve anything they set their mind to. The program provides a safe and supportive yet challenging environment, to guide women through stepping out of their comfort zone and into their zone of genius.

This program also features a live pitch night event, an opportunity for Accelerate founders to pitch their brand to an audience of invited guests and a panel of investors. 

Up to date business advice

All of our teachers, mentors and experts are entrepreneurs running their own successful businesses and are across the latest business trends, developments and future forecasts.

Structured 12 week program

Accelerate features a structured 12 week program with 6 key modules covering all verticals of business together with corresponding tasks and assessments to keep you on track.

Practical skills and strategies

It takes knowledge, understanding and action to implement powerful marketing campaigns, analyze your finances, think strategically and create innovative ideas and we provide you with the support, tools, techniques and strategies to achieve this.

All teachers are successful business owners & experts

At the Women’s Business School you will receive training from leading women in business as well as mentoring, advice and access to entrepreneurs that have scaled their companies.

Our teachers are all qualified experts in their field as well as business owners themselves and know what it takes to build a successful company.

Connection with female founders

As part of Accelerate program you are surrounded by a community of like minded women, from the founders participating in the course to the guest experts, mentors and teachers ensuring you are supported in your journey every step of the way. 

Flexible learning

We understand that different people have different learning styles and preferences and in this program you can choose to attend classes live, watch videos, listen to audio or read transcripts so that you can learn anywhere, anytime. 

A supportive yet challenging environment

Accelerate has been designed to provide founders with proven practical strategies that can be implemented today. You won’t find hypothetical assessment tasks based on a sample start-up, instead all activities have been tailored for founders to adapt to their own business. We provide you with the tools, techniques and strategies to come up with creative and innovative ideas as well as a supportive and safe place to test them before taking them to market.

One on one mentoring

As part of Accelerate you will receive 3 one on one monthly mentoring sessions with our expert mentors. Our mentors are a diverse group of highly experienced leaders and entrepreneurs with expertise across a range of industries.

Learn from some of the world’s most successful

and influential businesswomen

As part of Accelerate you will receive training from leading women in business as well as mentoring, advice and access to entrepreneurs who have scaled incredible companies.

Our teachers are all qualified experts in their fields as well as business owners themselves and know what it takes to build a business.  

Each month we hold Live Masterclasses and group coaching calls with successful female founders, this is your chance to talk with industry leaders from a range of fields who can help you to grow your business. 

Having direct access to women like this is one of the most valuable opportunities that being a part of this program offers.  




Passion & Purpose #wbs021


We’ve noticed a trend lately among female founders. They have a vision to do more than just make a profit or be their own boss. It’s a deep sense of purpose. In this module we dive deeper into the concepts of purpose and vision and how to create a business model that works with these elements to produce something truly exceptional.


Creating Community #wbs024


Marketing has changed so much in the last decade. In the old days marketing was about using the psychology of fear and scarcity to try to make people buy things. Now it’s all about honesty, authenticity and genuine connection. Business is no longer about building a large faceless empire but about building a loyal, engaged and connected tribe.

Financial Abundance #wbs025


Many businesses fail to make it to the next stage because they don’t have the funds to grow or misunderstand the relationship between pricing and profit. Whether you’re looking to hire more staff, open an office, expand internationally or increase your profits in this module you’ll learn how to truly understand your numbers and how to increase profits and secure investment.[

Expert Status #wbs022


Recognised experts are able to leverage PR opportunities, speak at events, write books, give interviews, provide commentary and are someone people look to for advice and inspiration. In this module we look at how to become an expert and the strategies and techniques that will help you to achieve this.

Systems & Scaling #wbs023


A scalable company has the potential to grow and expand far beyond where it is now. Creating systems and processes for staff to follow allows a brand to run independently and to produce products and services which can be created over and over again in a reliable, consistent and repeatable way. This module will guide you through the steps to create consistent systems and the strategies to scale-up.

Partnerships & Pivots #wbs026


When things go wrong your ability to find a solution can be the difference between success and failure. There’s always a creative possibility and those who know how to stay calm, stay positive and find the winning solution are the ones who will prevail. In this module we explore how to leverage new opportunities such as partnerships and changing direction in your business.


For each module we have an industry expert masterclass 



Yemi Penn is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to manifesting dreams and desires. Having had faced some challenges in her child and adulthood she has consciously decided to swim rather than sink, making a continuous note to herself and clients that we are all powerful co-creators. As an author managing multiple businesses with a podcast, documentary series on overcoming grief and trauma and numerous other love projects, she doesn’t intend on stopping there as doing what sets her soul on fire is her mantra. Whilst dreaming up her next venture she is mother to two beautiful children, living in Sydney



Hayley Markham, mother of three, is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of
Code Camp, one of Australia’s fastest growing social impact businesses which is inspiring
and empowering Australian school students with the skills of tomorrow.
Since 2014 Code Camp has grown from a hobby run by Hayley and co-founders, Benjamin
Levi, Pete Neill and Daniel Zwolenski, to a business employing more than 25 full time and
1,000 casual staff. The Code Camp team is proud to be inspiring and teaching more than
90,000 Australian school students to design and code iPhone apps, online games, digital
worlds and websites during their school holidays.



 le Kids is an Australian-owned organic food company created by Monica Meldrum. From humble beginnings Monica launched the first organic snacks in the Whole Kids range in 2005. Since then, Whole Kids has grown to become the largest range of award-winning organic snacks for kids in Australia. Monica is also passionate about using her platform as a way to stand up and campaign on important social and environmental issues, with the aim of creating a healthier, happier world for kids. Monica started Whole Kids after the idea came to them when they couldn’t find any healthy kids snacks to buy. Her philosophy is simple, to create a happier, healthier world for kids.



Kylie-lee Bradford is a proud Murrumburr women who grew up in a small Aboriginal community called Patonga in the heart of Kakadu National Park her company Kakadu Tiny Tots completely inspired by her mum Sheril who is a traditional owner and well respected elder of this region Founded in 2016 Kakadu Tiny Tots is an Indigenous owned company from Kakadu NT creating beautiful organic baby and children’s clothing that features hand painted Indigenous art and designs. Every little piece created comes with its own Dreamtime story. The company now called Kakadu Organics has grown incredibly fast over the last couple of years. Her products are stocked in over 80 boutique stores..

Dr Tanya Unni

Dr Tanya Unni, MBBS, MRCGP (UK), FRACG, Diploma Dermatology. , The Internationally Award Winning Dr Tanya is a powerhouse brand, widely respected in the community for leading multiple companies, driving multiple social initiatives and a truly caring doctor.

Dr. Tanya Unni is an Australian based doctor, with a special interest in skin & cosmetic medicine, a brand developer and an award-winning entrepreneur. Dr. Tanya won the Business Woman of the Year 2021, Entrepreneur of the Year – Business News Award in 2020, and numerous other awards over the years.

Dr Tanya is the co-founder of Amtan Medical Group, which has eight medical centres across Queensland, Australia operating for over 10 years. She is also the Founder/Director of Skin Lab & Beauty skin clinics, which combine medical science with advanced beauty techniques.



Tara McKeon, founder of Proud Poppy Clothing, is a multi-award winning entrepreneur for the following categories in our 2020-21 AusMumpreneur VIC-TAS Awards

  • Gold winner – Emerging AusMumpreneur of The Year
  • Gold winner – Retail Business
  • Gold winner – Customer Service
  • Gold winner – People’s Choice E-Commerce Store

Tara is a Melbourne based mama to one, She is an emergency nurse by trade but is now the director of one of the fastest growing fashion businesses in Australia. Proud Poppy Clothing are passionate about providing affordable, on trend, inclusive fashion options to women from size 6 to 24.




Novello Partners

After a decade long successful career in credit card and airline loyalty programs for large corporates, followed by building several businesses of her own, and having a great deal of fun, Simone felt a growing misalignment between career and personal values. In 2010, she moved to the Blue Mountains in search of some answers following some big life events. After taking a break, She has decided to use her skills, network and experience in strategic partnerships for the greater good. Running a boutique partnership advisory firm Novello Partners, She loves to work with well-intentioned individuals and brands who genuinely wish to work towards a win-win economy.


Candice Meisels PR

Candice Meisels PR provides PR Services and Support for Australian and New Zealand based Start-Ups and SMEs in a wide range of industries. Candice has achieved millions of dollars of coverage for clients across TV, Radio, Online and Print publications.

Candice previously worked with multi-national brands and understands the pressure placed on in-house Marketing and PR teams which is why she offers PR Campaign support to in-house teams.

Candice has also taught PR and Marketing, written two books on PR and Marketing and assists not for profits and charities where she can.



Susan is a best-selling Hay House author, business expert and co-Founder of Mind Gardener who, for over 15 years, has introduced her mind gardening techniques into some of Australia’s largest and most high profile businesses.

She is a key adviser to CEOs and business owners who are looking to achieve incredible results, but with an equally positive personal impact


Olive Lousie Social

Jess is an award-winning business owner, public speaker and women in business activist. Leaving her reputable corporate career in Learning and Development and sales, and building Olive Louise Social in 2015, she has successfully built one of Brisbane’s most recognised boutique marketing agencies, leading a team of 7 hardworking mothers, whilst raising her own tribe of 4 children. She is passionate about educating women to recognise they really can have it all if they are intentional about changing their thinking and learning practical tools to help them succeed.


The Women’s Business School

Krystal Seang is a Business Coach and Strategic Business Advisor who is deeply passionate about empowering small business owners to create the business of their dreams while creating a life of freedom and flexibility for themselves and their families. Krystal has 13 years of experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, leadership, teaching and small business ownership across a diverse range of industries, that have prepared her to help entrepreneurs transform their business, and lives, in a way that aligns with their passions, values and talents. After bootstrapping and scaling her last startup, e-learning service Tutornova, and selling it in 2018, Krystal now focuses her expertise and love of mentoring, on coaching business leaders on how to successfully grow a viable business, while creating lifestyle freedom.


Rich Living

With 18 years’ experience in finance business management and marketing in the corporate world, SME and micro business world, Michelle has discovered the way we manage our money in our life is reflected in our business. Michelle applied her ‘real word’ financial strategies to her SME’s, micro businesses AND her life which has helped her clients find the balance between the things the need and want through her company RICH Living.




At the Women’s Business School you are surrounded by a community of like-minded women that have got your back. From the fellow founders participating in the course, to the leading business experts running million dollar companies who join us as mentors and guest speakers, you will be supported every step of the way. 

Learn from and be inspired by women who started out just like you and have now become successful entrepreneurs from a range of  industries nationally and internationally.

You’ll meet female founders and entrepreneurs from the tech, food, fashion, online, publishing, product, retail, service industries and more! With real advice from women that are running successful companies and are leaders in their industry.


This is a hanful of the amazing mentors we have on the team

Read more about our mentors here



With over 20 years legal experience working for Australian and US law firms, Davina has developed a boutique practice supporting lady startups with their e-commerce and commercial contracts, trademarks and IP.

She is renowned for being a legal whisperer, blending a unique high level of professionalism with personal sensitivity. She is also an award-winning entrepreneur, best-selling author, and contributor to the Australian creative and women’s community with her ongoing pro bono work for Actors Benevolent Fund and Surfing Mums.



Have you noticed that the world is getting noisier? But amidst the loud opinions, hate speech and misinformation, there are voices that really matter.

My purpose is to make sure those voices get heard.

That’s why I co-founded Thought Alchemists, to help Australia’s emerging thought leaders become world-changers – one audience member at a time. I’m called on by incredible people, ranging from academics, to corporate escapees, to social entrepreneurs, all in the name of bringing out the gold in their ideas.

I’ve been head hunted by ING. The face of The Cancer Council NSW. The strategist behind ANZ’s wealth division, HP, Curash and more. Occasional Keynote speaker and judge of the B&T Awards…

Now I want to meet more voices that matter. Get in touch, tell me your story.



Emma Lovell is a Personal Branding Specialist with a mission to support female entrepreneurs to live and love their brand. Through her business, Lovelly Communications, Emma supports women to gain clarity, build confidence and increase connections through their personal brand.

As a business owner of 12 years, Emma has experienced the importance of building a brand and sharing that with the world. Bringing together her skills in communications, marketing, PR, writing and social media, Emma gives women the tools and support to build their brand. Lovelly Communications helps women to own their story, show up as their authentic self and share their message and mission with the world. 



Tina has worked extensively as a facilitator, trainer and personal coach. She is highly sort after as a consultant and speaker. With a strong background as a performer, Tina’s intuitive style creates a relaxed environment for participants to relate and learn. Tina’s delivers exceptional workshops that exceed expectations. Tina’s Business background spans over a decade of running national live touring and executive producing television and events. Tina has worked extensively as a teacher and performer and has a strong background in marketing and working with women in business. As a company leader her objective is to ensure that clients return time and again for the quality programmes that bring exceptional development to their staff.

 Who is the ACCELERATE

Program for?

This program is right for you if:

You’re an experienced entrepreneur committed to continued growth ✔
You’re 100% ready to scale your business ✔
You’re willing to actively show up and implement what you learn ✔
You ’re ready to do what it takes to optimise your systems ✔
You’re committed to investing in yourself and scaling your start-up ✔
You’re excited about the potential of your venture ✔
You know you have a great idea and know you can do this! ✔

Create a Business Action Plan

Create a solid Financial Plan

Identify Business Opportunities

Build Your Social Media Strategy

Group Mastermind

One on One Mentoring

I loved the mix of formal training with opportunities for feedback and to be accountable with homework. As well as that, there were so many opportunities for one-on-one and group coaching, live feedback and support and a really varied selection of some of Australia’s most informed and successful business women to pass on their knowledge to us in webinars and training sessions

Mim Jenkinson

Founder, Love Mim

“The ignite program helped us to really clarify our companies values, our “WHY” and who we were trying to sell to- our target market. We loved the “creating a life you love” where we explored and visualised where we wanted to see the business and what our dream work days look like. The course content highly relevant and loved connecting with other female entrepreneurs”

Samantha Janssen

Founder , Navi

“The program speakers where inspiring, very approachable and came with a wealth of knowledge. The set tasks were relatable and assisted in developing ‘Kat & Fox’ further. I treasure the fact that I was pushed to address certain aspects I had neglected to do so prior to jumping in. The networking and contacts I made on the program have been invaluable to me even evolving into personal friendships!”

Katharine Rattray

Founder, Kat & Fox


Since 2009, we’ve been connecting new and emerging founders with experienced, high-level entrepreneurs.  

We’ve focused on developing an incredibly supportive, inclusive, generous and uplifting community, who help each other to gain new referrals, avoid mistakes, solve problems and scale their business.  

You’ll discover a community of entrepreneurs to guide you, support you, travel with you and help you to navigate your business, leadership or startup journey.  

We are proud to have over 500 graduates of The Women’s Business School programs and our alumni companies include Kakadu Tiny Tots, FlexiFlow, MindBlank, Dinner on the Table, Serenity Press, Native Secrets, Expressions, Helpful Love, Sydney Flower School, Tree Hut Village, puctto, Jellystone Designs and many more!  

Here are some examples of the outcomes experienced by alumni founders, bringing new-to-world innovative ideas that have been
supported through the Women’s Business School programs:


  • Accepted into the ICON Accelerator Program (Slingshot)
  • Expanded national partnerships with Jim’s Group and Woolworths
  • Secured 25k investment
  • Won a $3000 grant through the University of Newcastle.
  • Won a national award – Small Business Champion Award 2018 for New Business


  • Created an investment ready corporate structure
  • Created a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Organised Innovative Patent and Trademarks
  • Talking to investors for a seed round
  • Talking to people in fashion from Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Selected as one of 17 organisations to undertake the Dept of Industry Youth Employment Innovation Challenge
  • Successfully secured a service agreement with Government


  • Entered new markets, with plans to be a national service within 5 years
  • Expecting 50% growth in the next 12 months
  • Implemented online training for new staff members
  • Identified a new demographic for staffing candidates
  • Formed 2 partnerships with major associations – One of these partnerships is expected to contribute to 25% growth in employees and 30% growth in revenue


  • Doubled annual turnover for 2017/2018 and on track to double again for 2018/2019
  • Developed strong connections with high profile clients in the US, UK and Ireland
  • Increased employees with 4 new team members
  • Launched a print magazine and partnered with isubscribe for the digital version
  • Increased national and international retreat events
  • Have sold 5x more products in past 12 months


Different people have different learning styles and preferences and in this program you can choose to watch videos, listen to audio or read transcripts so that you can learn anywhere, anytime.

We wanted a program that would work for women in growing businesses, women with young families, women working a full time job while they build their start-up and all the other women who want to learn but can’t commit to full-time study and are looking for an alternative solution.

We wanted a program that they could easily fit into their days, with short, sharp, relevant content delivered in a range of formats. It was important to us that women be able to fit this program into their lives easily. For each lesson you can access video, audio or printable transcripts.

For each module you will receive:

Video Tutorial ✔

Audio recording ✔

Transcript ✔

Assessment task ✔

We understand what it takes to be a woman in business.

Hi we’re Peace Mitchell and Katy Garner and if you haven’t already guessed we’re passionate about supporting women. We believe that investing in women is the most powerful way to change the world. 

Investing in women has the potential to improve the outcomes for education, mental health, physical health and social wellbeing for now and for the future.

We love what we do and we’ve been featured in national and international media including, CNBC, Forbes.com, TEDx, The Today Show, Cosmopolitan and hundreds of other publications.

Together we’ve written numerous books including ‘Back Yourself’ and ‘The Women Changing the World’. 

We’ve traveled all over the world working with women in business and helping them to develop their business. We understand the challenges women face in business and are passionate about ensuring women feel supported to find success through our online community, publishing imprint, business school, events and annual Awards programs.

Secure your position in our 2023 Programs

Our programs are unique and specially designed for female founders:  

  • We offer flexible, time efficient online learning designed to work around your life  
  • We won’t take your equity  
  • We have world-class teachers & entrepreneurs teaching each module  
  • We offer access to one-on-one mentoring with successful female founders
  • We offer live group calls to help keep you accountable and on track with your personal and professional goals
  • We have A structured curriculum combining business development balanced with personal development  
  • We provide a challenging yet safe and supportive environment for you to process your ideas and find solutions  
  • We offer ongoing support for alumni


So What Exactly Is Included?


ACTION PLAN MASTERCLASS ⋙ At this very special masterclass you will set your milestones for the next 12 months and create a targeted and specific action plan to scale your start-up


12 WEEK STRUCTURED INCUBATOR PROGRAM ⋙ 12 week structured program with 6 key modules covering all verticals of business


SUCCESS SECRET VIDEOS FROM SUCCESSFUL FEMALE FOUNDERS ⋙ The Success Secrets Series features accomplished women sharing their industry insider tips, strategies and stories to help you grow your business.


ONE ON ONE MENTORING ⋙ 3 one on one sessions with our Mentors 




Don’t Wait Any Longer . . .
Start Forging Your Own Path Today!


Accelerate is for established companies which are 3 – 10 years in operation.

We’re searching for ambitious founders and teams with innovative products and services.