My Amazing Year Business Planning Masterclass!

Join us online for a 5 day masterclass where we will go through all of the strategies we use each year to make sure we are living on purpose and planning out our best year ever!


These methods have helped us double our revenue each year, while still making time to travel, be with our kids and live a life we truly love!

 “Changing your life is 100% possible and it all begins with taking the first step of IMAGINING what your new life will look like, creating a plan and then putting those plans into action.”

Many women start a business to get away from the long hours, stress and hectic life of their previous career.

They’re in search of a better lifestyle, with a desire to create a more balanced and enjoyable life; with time for family, more creativity and better flexibility.


Unfortunately for many women this isn’t the reality they create and although they do now have flexibility they end up working more hours for less return, never having time for their family and certainly not any time for themselves or for fun!


They become burnt-out, overworked and begin resenting the business they spent so long dreaming about, investing in and working on.


How do we know this? Because this happened to us!


About 2 years into our journey we found that we had become crazy workaholics. We were working all day and late into the night 7 days a week. We had so many ideas and projects but no direction or plan. We were working so much but we had nothing to show for it. Our kids were unhappy, our husbands missed us and we were miserable. We found ourselves having the same conversation over and over again, and asking the question: “Why isn’t this working?” then concluding that “We mustn’t be doing enough, let’s do this as well and then maybe that will work!”


We felt completely overwhelmed by so much going on. We knew we couldn’t keep going at the pace we were and something had to give.


We were faced with an impossible decision; we needed to either sell the business or walk away. We knew this business had potential. If only we could crack the code on how to make it work!


We decided we needed to take a long hard look at what was going on and make some serious changes.


This whole process was transformational and helped us gain real clarity.
We’re 5 years down the track from that decision and our business has never been better!


We’re earning more, having more fun, paying ourselves better and working way less, with more clarity and focus on what’s important when we are working. We’ve grown our team and are working smarter not harder.


In this masterclass we’re sharing with you the tools we developed to transform our business into something that we now love and how you too can create a business that gives you the freedom and flexibility you crave, the income to support your family and fulfill your desire to make a difference in the world!

Online Masterclass

At The Business Mothers Collective

12 - 16 November 2018

Cant make it the one day events?

Join us online for 5 days of 1 hour Masterclass where will go through each of the activities in the comfort of your own home


The Classes will also be recorded so you can watch them and complete them in your own time.


The Masterclasses are part of the Business Mothers Collective monthly learning.

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At this event you will set the vision for your business and come away with a clear action plan for the next 12 months


Attending this class you will help you to focus your direction, come up with new ideas and create a plan for where you want your business & life to be in the year ahead.


There are so many conflicting messages about business and how best to grow your business, it can be hard to know who to listen to.

Each entrepreneur’s journey is different, we believe you need to tune into your own intuition to be able to follow the path that works best for your business and life.

In this one day masterclass we will give you the strategies and tools to create more clarity and confidence to make the right decisions at the right time and move into the new year with a clear plan to work towards living the life you want.


What the past 12 months has taught you
How to create your dream life
What sparks joy for you
Creating more financial abundance in your business
Identifying your strengths and zone of genius
How to create your business action plan for the next 12 months

The Brisbane Masterclass was such a great opportunity to get dressed up and spend the day thinking about my business.   The presentations from Peace, Katy and the other business women were spot on, and the conversations with other participants were encouraging.  I enjoyed hearing other women’s business stories and dreams, and also hearing their feedback on mine.  The vibe was fun and supportive, and I loved that.  I came away with heaps of ideas for my business.

Tori Walker Masterclass Day attendee

Want to get even deeper and clearer join us for 3 night in paradise!

Amazing Year Retreat

Mission Beach

22 - 25 November 2018

Join us for this special 3 night retreat in beautiful Tropical North Queensland.


Over 3 magical days we will get deep in to each of the activities and really look at manifesting your dreams for 2019, as well as time to unwind and refresh for the new year.


The Retreat will include one on one sessions, group sessions and time for self reflection.


You will come away from this retreat with a clear strategic business plan for 2019 and beyond and the mindset to make it happen.


Includes: Accommodation, Meals, Airport Transfers.

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All of our dreams can come true if we have the

courage to pursue them.

What are you dreaming of?


A retreat, time with friends, overseas travel, business opportunities, media, me time, family time?

This is your opportunity to focus on your dreams, wishes and plans for an amazing life for yourself and your family.


This is your opportunity to begin taking action to really achieve your big plans for yourself and your business too.


This is your opportunity to create change in your life and to begin becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Why you need a Business Plan

Research has shown that those with a business plan are more likely to:

1. Secure funding – 36% were successful with a plan compared to only 18% without a plan AND
2. Increase business – 64% saw growth in a 12 month period compared to 43% who stayed the same, decreased or closed altogether.

But these aren’t the only advantages to having one, here are my top ten reasons you need an up-to-date business plan:

1. Clarity
Taking the time to stop and reflect on your business, what you’ve achieved, what you want to achieve and how you’ll achieve those things, is not only essential for your business it also gives you a great sense of clarity about where your business is going and how you’re going to get there. The process of developing and evaluating your business plan is an excellent way to gain clarity around your business goals.

2. Vision
Your vision is an important part of your business. What you see your business potentially becoming is just as important as how you see your business right now. Its one thing to have a vision, but have you articulated it clearly. A business plan gives you the opportunity to clarify and express your vision in a way that others can understand and relate to.

3. Strategy
Without a plan, things happen haphazardly and by chance, the problem is that while sometimes this works, sometimes it really doesn’t. Not knowing whether you’ll have enough money to buy stock next month or how much stock you should be ordering, is like driving your car blindfolded, maybe you’ll get there, maybe you won’t.

4. Action
Some people look busy but they don’t get anywhere because their actions aren’t directed to the right tasks. You need to be clear about your goals before you can take the action needed to achieve them. A business plan will give you the tools to set out your goals and also help you to map out the pathway of action to achieve them.

5. Money
Without a business plan you can waste a lot of money. Not knowing which things to spend money on, spending money now when you should be saving it for a bigger project coming up later. Not knowing your monthly expenses or how much your income targets should be are all ways you can lose money without a proper plan. Your financial plan is an essential component of your business plan and a realistic estimation of your future projections can help guide your decision making.

6. Time
Time is an even more precious resource than money, you can get more money but you can’t get more time. When you have a business plan to follow your time is spent taking the steps you need to take to reach your goals instead of wasting time on tasks that aren’t bringing you a return on investment.

7. Team
Attracting the right people to work for you doesn’t happen by chance. Your business plan gives you the guidelines for the people in your team you need to attract. As your business grows you’ll find you can’t do it all by yourself and finding the right staff can be the make or break for your business. This is something you really don’t want to get wrong.

8. Customers
Similarly attracting the right customers doesn’t happen by chance either. A key component of your business plan should include identifying your audience. Knowing your ideal customer and things about them such as who they are, what they like, where they live, what makes them tick are the kind of things that your business plan should help you identify. Understanding your niche has benefits that flow onto other areas of your business including product design, your marketing message and even your advertising budget. Trying to appeal to everyone by not knowing or understanding who your real audience is, can be both costly and a waste of time and resources.

9. Success
A successful business is what we’re all striving for, but how can a business achieve success if they haven’t defined what success will look like for them? If they’re waiting for the day they’ll become a millionaire, without a clear map of the steps they’ll need to take to become one, they may as well just keep waiting. On the other hand if they’ve mapped out exactly how much they need to make each day and how many products they’ll need to sell to make one million dollars and the resources and team they’ll need to do that then they have a far better chance of reaching that goal. Having a plan allows you to know what questions to ask, what goals to strive for and what needs to happen on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis to grow your business. As Confucius says “Man who plans for nothing, gets what he planned for.”

10. Health & wellbeing
If you don’t run the business the business will run you. Not having a business plan can have an impact on your whole life. With no clear boundaries around your time and always more work to do, it’s easy to get into the habit of working almost 24/7. This ‘workaholic’ lifestyle eventually starts affecting your health, your relationships with friends and family and ironically even impacts negatively on your business. This is not how your relationship with your business should be, your business should be like a friend who helps you not a burden who takes the best of you. A healthy and balanced life is an important part of having a successful business and knowing what you want for your life should be a part of your business plan too.