How to create your vision board {Printable}

How to create your vision board {Printable}

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If you’ve never had a vision board or you’ve made one before and it didn’t really work, I urge you to give this activity a go! Vision boards are powerful because they help us to ‘attract’ all those things we’re wishing for into our lives. But you need to be clear about EXACTLY what you want and this guide takes you through the steps of how to get that crystal clarity that is essential to creating a powerful vision.


I really believe that a formal business plan is only one part of what makes a ‘successful’ entrepreneur, especially in today’s swiftly changing world. To create a successful business you also need passion, purpose, imagination, creativity and a clear vision for what you want to create in the world and for your life too.


The ‘law of attraction’ is a philosophy that believes that if you focus on something you can attract more of whatever it is to you. One of the most powerful ways to attract things to you is to create a visual reminder. This works because it helps you to ‘feel’ like you already have it! And feeling like you’ve achieved something is the best way to attract more of the same.


I’ve personally had lots of success with using vision boards, they’ve helped me have amazing international experiences, find the home of my dreams and even get on TV!


A beautiful reminder of joy can also help to raise your energy on those days when you’re feeling down.


I highly recommend using a vision board and placing it somewhere you can see it all the time to keep you focused on your goals and dreams.


This printable takes you through the 4 steps to getting clarity around what you want so that you can create a powerful vision board that will help you to manifest your dreams in the year ahead.