My year of magnificence

My year of magnificence

At the beginning of the year we talked about choosing our own words. There were some pretty powerful words, like strength, phenomenal, harmony, fearless, awesome, priority, organised, balance, presence, transcendence, leverage, hustle, simplicity, joy, success, believe and lots of others.

Mine was magnificence and I’ve been focused on living this and growing into it over the past 10 months. There have been moments of self-doubt and stumbles but I’ve stayed focused on the big picture. It’s a big year for me, the year we finally build our own school, something I’ve dreamt about since I was a little girl, (when I used to set up classrooms and make all my friends do worksheets!), our awards at the glamourous Crown Casino with Shelley Craft as our celebrity special guest, our first ever Retreat at beautiful Palm Cove and bigger partnership opportunities than ever before with government and corporate partners. It’s also a big year for my family, my youngest son’s final year of primary my eldest son’s first year of senior and my husband’s new business has just started to take off.

A big year deserves a big word. A word that I could grow into just like the big goals we’ve set ourselves. Goals that at times seemed impossible and we didn’t know how on earth we could possibly achieve when we first started out but now are actually getting closer to becoming reality.

Ok I think I’ve found my word. I was so inspired reading all of yours and I thought about it yesterday while I was getting ready to go out for New Years and it came to me. MAGNIFICENCE. It felt so perfect, it made me teary. It feels like a big word that I can grow into and become. I’m not there yet but I know I have the potential to share so much more of myself and my gifts and I want this to be the year that I really do that. The year that I ‘step into my magnificence’. That I let go of the fears and doubts holding me back and become who I know I’m supposed to be. The year that I ask for help when I need it to reach this goal. I want magnificence for myself, for my family & for my beautiful ‪#‎tribe xxxxxxxx

I’ve tried to find little ways to stay connected to my word – to have it front of mind each day.

Here are just a few ways:

  1. I’ve set a calendar reminder on my phone for each morning
  2. Put little quotes around the house
  3. Selected outfits based on whether they are ‘magnificent’ in some way
  4. Overcome fear by channelling an inner magnificence
  5. Asked myself “what would a magnificent person, think/feel/do in this situation?”
  6. Set intentions for magnificence
  7. Planned special outings or experiences like going for high tea, drinking champagne, getting a manicure, buying myself flowers etc that helped me to feel especially magnificent in some way!
  8. But my number one favourite has been creating a Pinterest board, it was empty when I started but now, 10 months in it has over 380 pins and even its own following. I love that it inspires me but also that it has the power to inspire others too. I’ve found when I’m having those moments of self-doubt and I’m being hard on myself just visiting my Magnificence board and losing myself amongst the inspiring words helps turn my mood around and get me back on track. And anything that can do that for you is worth having. I’d love you to check my magnificence board out but more importantly than that I’d love you to create your own board for a word that calls you to create the life you’re dreaming of.


Did you choose a word for 2016? How is it going? Are you ‘owning’ it? Or is it time to revisit and get inspired again? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the power of a ‘magic’ word in the comments

Peace xx


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