The Women’s Business Book Club

The Women’s Business Book Club

Part book club, part mastermind group, part educational journey; the women’s business book club is designed to bring women together. This book club is here to encourage women to get excited about business and finding new ways to live up to their potential, to help to support them on their journey as business owners and to create genuine connection with other book club members too.


How does it work?

Each month we’ll read a business book and then discuss the book online in the free facebook group at our bookchat party. Women from anywhere in the world are welcome to join us.


Why books by  women?

Whenever you google top 10 business books, it’s filled with books written by men.  Often only one or two in these lists are by women, sometimes none of the books they’ve recommended are written by women.  Don’t get me wrong, men have written some of the greatest business books of all time, and some of my favourite business books are by men, I’m not denying that, but where are all the business books by women?


I want to hear more of women’s experiences as business owners and entrepreneurs. How did they do things differently, what perspectives do they have to share about life and business? What have they learnt? How have they become successful? Where did they start out and what did it take to get them to where they are now?


I know other women have thought about this. Tara Mohr talks about the lack of books for women, by women, in her book, Playing Big and Sheryl Sandberg talks about how ‘we can’t be what we can’t see’ in Lean In too.


On International Women’s Day this picture showed up in my facebook newsfeed. This is a bookstore in Ohio that illustrated the gender gap in books by turning all the books written by men backwards so that only the spines of books written by women were showing:


Illustrating the Gender Gap in Fiction: Thanks to staff & volunteers for assisting in our performance art project to demonstrate the lopsided ratio of male to female authors. We shelved all the general fiction works by men backwards, leaving only women’s works spine-out (and therefore legible). It’s a powerful statement.

After seeing this picture I was inspired to do something. I realised I wasn’t the only one who felt that women’s voices aren’t being heard at the same volume as men’s. I wondered if it’s something my tribe have thought about too? And that’s what inspired us to launch The Women’s Business Book Club.


Ready to join?

Women from anywhere in the world are welcome to join us so please invite all of your business friends to join in with us too.

The book for this month is THRIVE by Arianna Huffington so grab yourself a copy and join the fun!

Our first Book Club Party happens on Wednesday 26 April, you can RSVP here.

We’re also selecting our May book right now you can vote for your favourite at our private facebook group: The Women’s Business Tribe

Fill in the form below and we’ll send you all the details of how to get involved!


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